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Ready to embark on the flight of your dreams

Ready to embark on the flight of your dreams and soar to new horizons? Nepal Airhostess Academy welcomes you to our extraordinary Cabin Crew Training program, designed to shape you into a shining star of the aviation industry! 🛫
Here’s why this is your golden ticket to the skies:
🌟 **Glamour & Confidence:** Immerse yourself in the world of Grooming, Personality Development, Makeup, and Fitness. Walk with grace, speak with elegance, and radiate confidence.
🌟 **Safety & Security:** Learn why Safety and Security courses are non-negotiable for cabin crew. Your passengers’ well-being is in your hands.
🌟 **Customer Service Mastery:** Understand the art of creating memorable experiences. In the aviation world, it’s all about Customer Service Relations, and we’re here to show you the way.
🌟 **Cabin Crew Excellence:** Dive deep into the responsibilities of a cabin crew member. Become the face of excellence in the skies.
🌟 **Leadership Skills:** Master Cabin Crew Management to lead and inspire your team at 30,000 feet.
🌟 **Smooth Boarding:** Perfect the art of Check-in and Boarding. Let passengers feel welcome from the moment they step on the aircraft.
🌟 **Inflight Expertise:** Command the aircraft with Inflight Announcements and the use of Interphone and PA Systems.
🌟 **Mind Matters:** Explore the psychology of passenger interactions. Know what makes your passengers comfortable and happy.
🌟 **Aviation Knowledge:** Get familiar with the aviation world, its terminology, and the art of making captivating announcements.
🌟 **Physical Fitness:** Discover why physical training is a cornerstone of your journey. Maintain peak fitness for the demands of the job.
🌟 **Safety First:** From Swimming to Ditching, Firefighting to First Aid, and mastering Food and Beverage services – we ensure you’re prepared for every scenario.
🌟 **The Power of 3S:** Learn why Safety, Satisfaction and Service are the pillars of passenger comfort in aviation.
🌟 **Dress to Impress:** Understand the importance of your uniform and makeup in the aviation world. Look the part of a professional cabin crew member.
🌟 **Career Advancement:** Craft a winning resume and ace your interviews with our Interview Preparation class.
📏 **Admission Criteria:**
– Male: Reach for the skies with a minimum height of 5.7 feet.
– Female: Stand tall at a minimum height of 5.2 feet.
– Ensure tattoos remain discreetly hidden.
– Maintain normal eyesight.
🏢 **Our Facilities** empower you:
1️⃣ Unlock doors to exciting internship opportunities.
2️⃣ Enjoy the confidence of 100% Job Assistance.
3️⃣ Relish the comfort of our hostel facilities for both boys and girls.
4️⃣ Shine in your two sets of smart uniforms.
5️⃣ Dive into a treasure trove of books and study materials.
📞 Ready to take flight? Contact Nepal Airhostess Academy in Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal. 📞 Phone: 01-5338401 / 980-1344835 (WhatsApp / Viber)
🌐 Your path to a fulfilling aviation career starts right here. Join Nepal Airhostess Academy and let your dreams take flight! ✈️